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Not Quite Tribute to My Papa

Father#039;s Day

Hello Pa,

Honestly, this letter would not have happened if not for my unfortunate turn at the roulette that makes me writer of the week for our Maven Potter blog. Excessive complimenting is simply not the kind of things people in the Chee family do, right? So I’ll do away with the tribute and get real. I’m sure you’ll agree since you’ve taught me many times about honesty.

Let me take this opportunity to confess my amusement over your aspiration to be an inventor. Remember that time when you tried to fix the slippery soles of your favourite brown shoes? Ma was right to laugh when you glued strips of rubber bands to the soles to enhance the grip. We saw it all when your shoes nearly got stuck on the pavement because the rubber band and super glue melted. Seriously pa, your innovation needs to be more rigorously tested but I give you a thumbs-up for ingenuity in making do with the tools you have.

Just so you know, you have been my source of inspiration for many of the stories I share about great marketing. One of the few times you impressed me was when you decided to place your self-decorated sign that says “The Money God Tree” in front of the tree at the residents’ garden near our home. I’m amazed over how much more attention that tree gained from passer-bys and fervent 4D bettors who actually wished upon it for lucky numbers. This stroke of genius clearly illustrates that a deft touch of branding can turn stones to gems.

Before you start feeling smug at this point, I must say the silly act you pulled last Sunday earns a “boo-hoo” from bro and me. We couldn’t believe you played your favourite music in the living room while ma’s watching TV at the same spot, just to spite her for not passing the remote control to you. What really got me dumb-founded was when you started singing a Carpenters’ song, while listening to Bee Gees and with the TV blasting a totally different song from the Talent-Time competition. That was noise pollution for us but Pa, I salute you for displaying the exceptional ability to stay focused.

Much as this is not a decent tribute, I thank you for being that unlikely exemplar in your own quirky and idiosyncratic ways. It dawned on me in recent years that I learnt the value of ingenuity, the art of branding and the importance of focus from you in my communications practice. And yes, the humble bragging too – when you go around touting the ‘success’ of your occasional dabble with home improvisation.

Your favourite critic (and unwavering fan),