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The Truths We Tell

#1: No one cares about your brand

With countless choices and an overload of content for digital consumers, your brand’s messages stand a 95% chance of getting ignored. While you work on perfecting what your brand can offer, our team focuses on helping you tell captivating stories that move your audience, and making them care about what you have to say.

#2: Digital marketing is not cheap

If you think you can pay someone just $500 to roll out a full-on social media and digital marketing campaign, then we are not the right fit for you.

Evolving algorithm on digital spaces is changing how your marketing effort gets noticed. Accelerating digitalisation is disrupting how audience engages with your brand. Our team stays in the forefront of social developments and provides you with the leverage of our expertise. We may come at a price but we deliver holistic, value-for-money solutions that consider your unique selling propositions, goals and constraints.

#3: Social media marketing is not rocket science

Neither is it some mystifying wizardry. Our greatest value-add is not merely in creating great campaigns, but in empowering our clients to take stewardship of their social marketing and branding. Our Lumos approach equips your in-house team with insights, know-how and a playbook to champion your brand’s social marketing for the long-haul. We transfer our knowledge to you so your investment in our partnership makes good returns on capacity building for your team.

Contact us to understand how a Maven Potter experience may benefit your social marketing journey. Or request for a visit to enjoy pet-therapy, on the house.

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