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Led by its principal strategists, the Maven Potter team is ensemble of maestros and enthusiasts who are change-makers in the media and communication landscape.

Louis Ng
Principal Strategist 

Louis entered politics and diplomacy at a young age and has served as the key diplomatic representative for Madagascar in Singapore and advisor to Presidents and Ministers.

He is also the editor-in-chief for The Good Guyde and anchors several of the portal’s programmes that feature well-known think tanks and media personalities from Asia.

An affiliate faculty with Murdoch University and Northumbria University, Louis helps adult learners hone their skills in Public Relations, Advertising, Campaign Management and Communication Psychology.

Vivid in imagination, Louis loves to sleep so he can have superhero powers to fend off monsters in his dreams.


Piya Chee
Principal Strategist 

Piya is a fearless entrepreuner who co-founded an integrated communication consultancy early into her career. The gutsy move proved well-worth the plunge as she was rewarded with an interesting spectrum of projects from the IT to pharmaceutical industries.

She also wears the hat of the Executive Producer for The Good Guyde where she oversees the production work for all of the portal’s content as its commander-in-chief.

A key faculty member for Murdoch University’s communication programme in Singapore, Piya empowers adult learners in the dynamic areas of Public Relations, New Media Communication, and Issues Management.

A lover of anything celebrity, Piya spends her free time catching up on exciting entertainment gossips.


Louis Moderator

Louis moderating a media event managed by Maven Potter

Maven Potter Women

Piya and the ladies of Maven Potter

Maven Potter Fun Times

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