PAssion Card

Live it up with passion!

A membership card of the People’s Association, PAssion Card offers exclusive privileges for an exciting range of courses, activities, as well as lifestyle deals through tie-ups with merchants and partners.

Tasked to enhance the membership card’s presence online, we focused on creating a social persona aimed at connecting better with the target audience. Our team manages all aspects of PAssion Card’s social media channels including content curation, creation and community management.  

What we have achieved:

  • Grew the followers’ base for PAssion Card Facebook by 50,000


  • Grew the followers’ base for PAssion Card Instagram from 3,000 to 23,000


  • Started PAssion Card Telegram account and grew it from 0 to about 9,000 subscribers

We produce CONTENT OF VALUE for PAssion Card Members.

Discover how we can amplify your social presence.

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